SAFEYOU at baseball games in Italy

7-10/2018. SAFEYOU team members presented the SAFEYOU project aims and activities in athletes of baseball all over Italy. Athletes were informed about the consequences from doping use and the need for prevention.    Partita Serie B SS Lazio BSL vs Polisportiva Cali Roma XIII   Campionato Serie B Cagliari Baseball

Lecture in Law Department at Sheffield Hallam University

24/10/2018. Dr Lambros Lazuras, Associate Professor of Social Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University and  Co-Investigator in Project SAFE YOU+, successfully delivered a lecture on “Doping Behaviour & Whistleblowing” in the Anti-Doping Law course, which is delivered as part of Sheffield Hallam University’s LLM in International Sports Law in Practice, Department of Law and Criminology, and is…

SAFEYOU at the event “Field of Miracles”

9/2018. The event “Field of Miracles” provided the opportunity to present the progress of the SAFEYOU project. Over 100 children aged 9 to 12 years attended the event. During the event, the use of doping substances among athletes was illustrated and a detailed discussion followed on doping consequences. SAFEYOU team members raised awareness about the…

SAFEYOU at an Archery Tag tournament

8/2018. SAFEYOU was promoted in an anti-doping event which organized in the context of an Archery Tag tournament. More than 250 people attended the event that lasted two days. A thorough discussion followed on the SAFEYOU project and the use of the educational tool on the prevention of doping use in recreational sports.  

SAFEYOU at the “Sport Evening” organized by SS LAZIO

25/7/2018.  SAFEYOU project was promoted at the “Sport Evening” which was organized by the S.S. Lazio. Both the athletes of the SS Lazio Baseball Softball and Lacrosse and the athletes of the dance school of Fregene took part in the event. Overall, 250 people participated in the “Sport Evening”. During the meetings,  a thorough discussion followed on the doping…